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Deva makes a strong come back through Dummy Tappasu

No doubt, that Deva is Father of Gaana Songs in Tamil Cinema. Few people used to criticize him during those period, mentioning that his songs were very local and doesn’t deserved to be hits. But, nowadays, 90% of the the movies may not have ITEM Song, but will definitely have GAANA Song. He is the King of Gaana Songs and makes a come back in the most appropriate movie – “Dummy Tappasu”, which is based on life of Central Chennai Slum guys (who speaks Madras Tamil). No one else would have been apt to be Music Director of this genre, except Deva. He is not only good in Gaana Songs, but too have given good melody songs such as “Konja Naal Poru Thalaiva”, “Pulveli Pulveli” from Aasai & “Mottu Ondru” from Khushi, for which he had received Tamil Nadu State Awards. He was also the music director of Annamalai, Baasha & Arunachalam. But, most of the people think that Deva has done only music for either Gaana or Kuthu Songs. On a funny note, he mentioned that even in Satellite Channels, they used to put some other Music Director name for his movies, as they must have felt Deva would have not given such a good melody song. Two songs sung by Deva in the movie has really come out well. Posters of Dummy Tappasu and the logo had been really innovative. All the best to Dummy Tappasu movie team.

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