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Sankarabharanam Review

Sankarabharanam Review

Certain movies are beyond critical analysis for they remain as an immortal sanctity. Especially in this era of cinema, where the screens are victim to violence, profanity and skin shows, the recreated digitally restored version of ‘Sankarabharanam’ is a surprise to this generation.

Wondering if this is an Indian film, especially from a Telugu, where we are bound to mindless entertainers of this contemporary time? And to watch it in Tamil is a real gift to the film buffs, which you shouldn’t miss. Sankarabharanam, a jewel on Shiva’s neck starts off with a versatile singer seen in a deplorable situation with torn garments.

A young woman with her eyes moistened glimpses on him and the story shifts back to the golden days of this genius singer, where even newborn babies elatedly fall asleep listening his vocalisms. He comes across a young woman (Manju Bhargavi) who is on the escape run from her mother getting her married to a cruel Zamindar. Impressed with her interest and dedication for music, the legendary singer offers her the training, but sooner society starts assuming wrong things about their pure relationship of teacher-student.

We heard many say the original version in Telugu had a successful run of one year even in the farthest corners of Tamil Nadu, breaking the language barrier. But as you watch the film now with this digitally restored version, you feel something more inquisitive about a hidden truth.

Yes , Sankarabharanam would have been a blockbuster even if made as a silent film except songs. It has such an impact that visuals and music surpass the dialogues. The emotions conveyed through the actors, convincingly intriguing characterisations and the fabulous poingnance of musical spell by Mahadevan is a special miracle of Indian cinema, we would say.

We don’t see the actors there, but we see the characters coming into real life before us. No words to mark the brilliant work of K. Viswanath and even if he had made a single film and retired from showbiz, this would speak for 1000 generations. The powerful dialogues are the yet another reminiscence that stands out as a wonderful element. ‘Rituals are meant for cleansing soul and body, not to segregate and separate people based on caste.’ How often have you heard such dialogues?

Sankarabharanam is not just a film, but an enlightenment, education and elixir of Indian cinema…. If at all, you’re bound to a situation, where the avant-garde filmmakers ask to speak about the elegance or prominence of Indian cinema on world platform, this very title is more than enough to get them transfixed.

Verdict: A wonderful delight of music and emotions.

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