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Sigaram Thodu Movie Review by Common Man

Sigaram Thodu Movie Review by Common Man

Sigaram Thodu – ‘’Thoonga Nagaram” director Gaurav is back into Kollywood with Actor Vikram Prabhu, who made wonderful debut with Kumki and waiting to hit big in Tamil Cinema. Trailer of the movie suggested that the movie was based on Credit card scam and raised only little expectation. But, Ajith calling Vikram Prabhu and appreciating his look in the movie created much needed publicity for this movie. Let us see whether this movie will satisfy the Common Man in this review.

Story: Vikram Prabhu characterization in the first half was quite similar to Vijay’s Characterization in ‘’JILLA’’. Vikram Prabhu hates Police Department, but due to circumstances, he becomes Police officer. Movie happens in the backdrop of ATM Card fraudsters and how Vikram Prabhu catches them intelligently forms the crux of the story.

Vikram Prabhu – While most of the heroes choose comedy or light hearted movies for their initial movies, Vikram Prabhu seems to be different. Except Kumki, all his movies were Commercial Ones with right mix of action, comedy & romance. He has yet again chosen the same genre and it has completely worked out for him in this movie. He is not a great actor, but he knows his limits and delivers it honestly. He has definitely improving a lot in each and every movie. This one seems to be his best till now.

Sathyaraj – Usually, directors have to keep atleast 2 – 3 scenes for establishing the characters of actors. But, for legendary actors like Sathyaraj, they can start experimenting from the first scene itself. He plays the role with ease yet again and impresses the audience as Vikram Prabhu’s dad.

Monal Gajjar – She looks pretty and does the usual commercial movie heroine role in this movie (romantic scenes in the first half, a song after the interval and climax scene).

‘’Ethir Neechal” Sathish & Erode Mahesh adds sufficient comedy to this movie. Sathish’s one liners in the first half and Mahesh’s timing dialogue in the second half adds sufficient humour to the movie.

Music Director Imman – ‘’Pidikuthae” by Shreya Goshal & “Anbulla Appa” sung by KJ Yesudas were quite good. BGM was too good asusual.

Cinematography by Vijay Ulaganath – He has shown the pilgrimage locations in North India beautifully and have captured the night actions shots superbly.

Editing by Praveen & Srikanth had been brilliant asusual. They have even edited ordinary scenes with intelligence and have made sure that audiences are engaged throughout the second half. First half looks quite lengthy as there was not much twists and turns.

Director Gaurav had to be really appreciated a lot for giving a movie, which creates awareness on ATM Frauds technically, with right mix of commercial ingredients. He takes almost the whole first half to establish the relationship between Vikram Prabhu , Sathyaraj & Monal. But, he couldn’t engage the audience completely, by showing the pilgrimage locations in North India and heavy dosage of comedy in the first half. In the second half, he shows how the hero intelligently finds the ATM Fraudsters with an engaging screenplay. He has also makes sure that sentiment scenes are added, by showing the relationship between Sathyaraj & Vikram Prabhu. Overall, he has tried to give the usual tested commercial movie with ATM fraudsters as backdrop.

Vikram Prabhu tries to save the heroine from the Kidnapperes yet again, but this time he finds her in shorter duration and intelligently.

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.75 / 5

Rating of this movie for People who loved Ivan Vera Mathiri, Arima Nambi, Commerical Movie Lovers – 3.25 / 5

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