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Young heroine wants to do a film like Angelina Jolie

Young heroine wants to do a film like Angelina Jolie

Vibrant Movies Presentation ‘CSK – Charles Shafiq Karthiga’ is releasing on March 13th. The film directed by debutant Sathiyamoorthy featuring ‘inithu inithu’ fame Sharan, Narayan, Vimal and ‘Arohanam’ jai Quehani in the lead. The edge of the seat thriller film is produced by SS Film Factory.

Jai Quehani is a film making graduate is keen on exploring new avenues of experience. “I am doing one of the lead characters  in the film. After Arohanam, I was determinant about not doing any films. But when Director Sathiya narrated me the story I had to put down my decisions.”says Quehani.

“The whole filming of CSK gave me lot of confidence and cut little experiences. Certain stunts were equal to that a hero in an action films. Dropping yourself in 200 litres water tank with hands and legs fastened. Dragging me for almost two floors  without any dupe”

“In one of the scenes Narayan had to slap me. Rehearsals went on well. When the shot was on He slapped me but my hair got struck in his shirt button and I fell down in pain. Then I thought to avoid long hairs. Now I am maintaining short hair.”

“After doing some stunts in the films CSK, I am deeply mad and want to do a film like Angelina Jolie’s ‘Tom boy’. In this film everyone will fall in love for the title song ‘ Unthan Mugam Paarthu’.  This film will be a family entertainer and all class hit” says confident Quehaeni.

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